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Title Composer Reference Price (GBP)
Fifteen Motets for Solo Voice and Continuo Peter Philips AB1 7.25
Three Cantatas for Soprano and Continuo Antonio Caldara AB2 6.25
Complete works I: Latin motets Martin Peerson AB3 10.00
Complete works II: Private Musicke or the First Booke of Ayres and Dialogues Martin Peerson AB4 9.75 (score) 16.25 (parts)
Complete works III: String Consort Music Martin Peerson AB5 11.00 (score) 30.00 (parts)
Complete works IV: Mottects or Grave Chamber Musique (1630) Martin Peerson AB6 18.75 (score) 18.75 (parts)
Complete works V: Sacred Songs Martin Peerson AB7 30.00 (score 1-31)
25.00 (score 1-26)
6.25 (score 27-31)
27.50 (parts)
3.75 (organ)
Complete works VI: Keyboard Music and Literary Work Martin Peerson AB8 3.25
Complete works I: Vocal Music John Milton (1562–1647) AB9 11.75
Complete works II: Consort Music and Poems John Milton (1562–1647) AB10 7.50 (score) 20.00 (parts)
Holy, Lord God almighty Thomas Bateson AB11 3.00
Vota persolvam [John Ward] AB12 4.00
How doth the city remain desolate
Woe is me that I am constrained to dwell
Robert Ramsey AB13 4.00
Evening Service for trebles: in medio chori John Holmes AB14 5.00
Four collects for five voices Robert Ramsey AB15 4.50
Five full anthems for five and eight voices Henry Loosemore AB16 5.25
Seven full anthems for four voices Thomas Wilson AB17 4.50
Music for morning and evening service Thomas Wilson AB18 4.50
Five collects and an Easter anthem Thomas Wilson AB19 5.50
Three verse anthems Henry Loosemore AB21 5.50
Four verse anthems Henry Loosemore AB22 6.25
Te Deum; Jubilate; Bow down O Lord William Child AB23 5.00
Te Deum; Great and marvellous are thy works Henry Molle AB24 5.00
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