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Title: Complete Works V: Sacred Songs AB7 cover
Composer: Martin Peerson
Editor: Richard Rastall
Reference: AB7
Price (GBP):

AB7 (introduction and score of complete songs 1–31) 30.00

AB7ab (introduction and score of devotional songs 1–26) 25.00

AB7c (score of liturgical songs 27–31) 6.25

AB7d (instrumental parts for songs 6–26) 27.50

AB7e (organ part for songs 27–30) 3.75


Volume V of this complete edition contains Peerson’s most extensive pieces as well as some of the miniature gems for which he has long been known. The principal contents are the 21 domestic consort-songs, presumably to be performed with viols, that set psalms and other biblical and devotional texts but also include an extended poetic meditation on the Passion and a lament for James I’s cousin Lady Arbella Stuart. Among the full-style songs are the miniature gems that long ago earned Peerson a reputation as an important and individual voice of the early Stuart period. Also included is Peerson’s surviving liturgical music with organ accompaniment: three verse-anthems and one full anthem. As Master of the Children at St Paul’s cathedral, he must have composed more church music than this, mainly lost when the cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666. These small remnants survived because they were copied for use in Durham cathedral. Like most of the sacred songs, they are published here for the first time.

Complete score of songs 1–31 in three fascicles (AB7), xxiv + 292 pages, ISMN 979-0-57039-199-8. For the convenience of performers the first two fascicles, containing the scores of the devotional songs nos. 1–26 (music with introduction and commentary), and the third fascicle, containing the liturgical songs nos. 27–31 (music only), are available separately as AB7ab and AB7c respectively.

Instrumental parts for the devotional songs 6–26 (AB7d) and an organ part for the liturgical songs 27–30 (AB7e) are also available. AB7d: 8 x 48 pp (Cantus, Altus string, Altus wind, Quintus string, Quintus wind, Tenor string, Tenor wind, Bassus) and 1 x 4 (Sextus): ISMN 979 0 57039 200 1. AB7e: 1 x 20 (Organ): ISMN 979 0 57039 201 8.

Sample page(s)

  1. O God that no time dost despise (a 5)
  2. O let me at thy footstool fall (a 5)
  3. Lord ever bridle my desires (a 5)
  4. Who will rise up (a 5)
  5. By Euphrates' flow'ry side (a 5)
  6. Blow out the trumpet (a 5)
  7. Praise the Lord (a 5)
  8. O God when thou went'st (a 5)
  9. O go not hence (a 5)
  10. O come hither (a 5)
  11. I am small (a 5)
  12. Thou hast brought me (a 5)
  13. O deliver me (a 5)
  14. O go not from me (a 5)
  15. O do well unto thy servant (a 5)
  16. O Lord let it be thy pleasure (a 5)
  17. He sent his word (a 5)
  18. Fly ravish'd soul (a 5)
  19. I called upon the Lord (a 5)
  20. Plead thou my cause (a 5)
  21. O that my ways (a 5)
  22. I am brought (a 5)
  23. Wake sorrow (a 5)
  24. O Lord thou hast searched (a 5)
  25. I will magnify thee (a 6)
  26. O Lord in thee (a 5)
  27. Bow down thine ear (a 5)
  28. Blow up the trumpet (verse anthem) (a 5)
  29. Blow up the trumpet (full anthem) (a 5)
  30. I will magnify theee (a 6)
  31. Metrical psalm-tune Southwell (a 4)
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