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Title: Complete Works IV: Mottects or Grave Chamber Musique (1630) AB6 cover
Composer: Martin Peerson
Editor: Richard Rastall
Reference: AB6
Price (GBP): 15.00 (score); 15.00 (parts)
Description: Published in 1630, Peerson’s Mottects or Grave Chamber Musique is the earliest song-book by any composer setting the work of one named poet. The poet is Fulke Greville, first Lord Brooke (1554–1628), a favourite of Queen Elizabeth and King James I, admired as a well-bred courtier and a reliable and judicious servant of the state. The first twenty-one songs, in five parts, set verses from his Caelica sonnets, a large collection which he worked on for much of his life. The last four, in six parts, are two settings of a lament by an unidentified poet (perhaps Peerson himself?) on Brooke’s own death. Peerson’s music is quite varied: some of the settings are madrigalian in style—and prone to harmonic surprises—while others resemble his sacred verse songs. The title-page describes the songs as ‘all fit for Voyces and Vials’, and Peerson also supplied an organ continuo part including his own version of figured bass (reproduced in the edition). Score xx + 168 pages in two parts only available together, ISMN 979-0-57039-154-7. Set of seven instrumental parts, ISMN 979-0-57039-155-4.

Sample page(s)

  1. Love the delight (a 5)
  2. Beautie her cover is (a 5)
  3. Time fain would stay (a 5)
  4. More then most faire (a 5)
  5. Thou window of the skie (a 5)
  6. You little starres (a 5)
  7. And thou O love (a 5)
  8. O love thou mortall speare (a 5)
  9. If I by nature (a 5)
  10. Cupid my prettie boye (a 5)
  11. Love is the peace (a 5)
  12. Selfe pitties teares (a 5)
  13. O false and treacherous (a 5)
  14. Was ever man (a 5)
  15. Man dreame no more (a 5)
  16. The floud that did (a 5)
  17. Who trusts for trust (a 5)
  18. Who thinkes that sorrows felt (a 5)
  19. Man dreame no more (a 5)
  20. Farewell sweet boy (a 5)
  21. Under a throne (a 5)
  22. Where shall a sorrow (first setting) (a 5)
  23. Dead noble Brooke (first setting) (a 5)
  24. Where shall a sorrow (second setting) (a 6)
  25. Dead noble Brooke (second setting) (a 6)
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