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Title Composer Editor Reference Price (GBP)
Absterget DeusPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Confitebor tibi DominePhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Desiderium animae ejusPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Domine probasti mePhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Iste sanctus pro lege DeiPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Laudate pueri DominumPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
O dilectePhilipsPikeAB0015.75
O divini amorisPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
O Maria domina nostraPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
O quam miraPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
O salutaris hostiaPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
O si quando videboPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Quae est istaPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Salve reginaPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Sub tuam praesidiumPhilipsPikeAB0015.75
Il GelsominoCaldaraPritchardAB0025.00
Lungi dall' idol mioCaldaraPritchardAB0025.00
Christus factus estPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Deus omnipotensPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Ecce non dormitabitPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Hora nonaPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Laboravi in gemitu meoPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Latus eiusPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Levavi oculos meosPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Mulieres sedentesPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Multa flagella peccatorisPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Nolite fieri sicut equusPeersonRastallAB0038.00
O domine Jesu ChristePeersonRastallAB0038.00
O rex gloriaePeersonRastallAB0038.00
Pater fili paracletePeersonRastallAB0038.00
Quid vobis videturPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Redemptor mundiPeersonRastallAB0038.00
Open the dorePeersonRastallAB0047.75
Resolv'd to lovePeersonRastallAB0047.75
Ah, were she pittifullPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Disdaine, that so doth fill meePeersonRastallAB0047.75
O pretious timePeersonRastallAB0047.75
Can a mayde that is well bredPeersonRastallAB0047.75
O I doe lovePeersonRastallAB0047.75
Since just disdaine began to risePeersonRastallAB0047.75
At her faire handsPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Now Robin, laugh and singPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Hey the hornePeersonRastallAB0047.75
Upon my lap my soveraigne sitsPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Locke up, faire lidsPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Love her no morePeersonRastallAB0047.75
Come, pretty wag, and singPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Then with reportsPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Pretty wantons, sweetly singPeersonRastallAB0047.75
What need the morning rise?PeersonRastallAB0047.75
Gaze not on youthPeersonRastallAB0047.75
I onely seeke to please mine eyePeersonRastallAB0047.75
The spring of joy is dryPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Is not that my fancie's queene?PeersonRastallAB0047.75
See, O see who is heere come a-mayingPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Sing, Love is blindPeersonRastallAB0047.75
To pitch our toylesPeersonRastallAB0047.75
Fantasia 1 AttenditePeersonRastallAB0058.75
Fantasia 2 AcquaintancePeersonRastallAB0058.75
Almain 1PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Fantasia 3 BeautyPeersonRastallAB0058.75
Almain 2PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Fantasia 4 ChowsePeersonRastallAB0058.75
Almain 3PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Fantasia 5 DelicatePeersonRastallAB0058.75
Almain 4PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Fantasia 6PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Almain 5PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Fantasia 7PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Almain 6PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Fantasia 8PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Almain 7PeersonRastallAB0058.75
Love the delight (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Beautie her cover is (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Time fain would stay (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
More then most faire (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Thou window of the skie (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
You little starres (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
And thou O love (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
O love thou mortall speare (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
If I by nature (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Cupid my prettie boye (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Love is the peace (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Selfe pitties teares (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
O false and treacherous (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Was ever man (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Man dreame no more (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
The flood that did (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Who trusts for trust (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Who thinkes that sorrows felt (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Man dreame no more (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Farewell sweet boy (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Under a throne (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Where shall a sorrow (first setting) (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Dead noble Brooke (first setting) (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Where shall a sorrow (second setting) (a 6)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
Dead noble Brooke (second setting) (a 6)PeersonRastallAB00615.00
O God that no time dost despise (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O let me at thy footstool fall(a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Lord ever bridle my desires (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Who will rise up (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
By Euphrates' flow'ry side(a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Blow out the trumpet (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Praise the Lord (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O God when thou went'st (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O go not hence (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O come hither (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
I am small (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Thou hast brought me (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O deliver me (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O go not from me (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O do well unto thy servant (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O Lord let it be thy pleasure (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
He sent his word (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Fly ravish'd soul (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
I called upon the Lord (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Plead thou my cause (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O that my ways (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
I am brought (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Wake sorrow (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O Lord thou hast searched (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
I will magnify thee (a 6)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
O Lord in thee (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Bow down thine ear (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Blow up the trumpet (verse anthem) (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Blow up the trumpet (full anthem) (a 5)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
I will magnify thee (a 6)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Metrical psalm-tune Southwell (a 4)PeersonRastallAB00724.00
Keyboard Music and Literary WorkPeersonRastallAB0082.75
Piper's PavanPeersonRastallAB0082.75
The PrimrosePeersonRastallAB0082.75
The Fall of the LeafPeersonRastallAB0082.75
Fair Orian, in the morneMiltonRastallAB0099.50
Thou God of mightMiltonRastallAB0099.50
O Lord, behold my miseriesMiltonRastallAB0099.50
O had I wings like to a doveMiltonRastallAB0099.50
If than a sinner's sighsMiltonRastallAB0099.50
If ye love meMiltonRastallAB0099.50
When David heard that Absolon was slaineMiltonRastallAB0099.50
O woe is me for theeMiltonRastallAB0099.50
I am the resurrection and the lifeMiltonRastallAB0099.50
Precamur sancte domineMiltonRastallAB0099.50
How doth the holy city remaine solitarieMiltonRastallAB0099.50
She weepeth continually in the nightMiltonRastallAB0099.50
Norwich TuneMiltonRastallAB0099.50
York Tune (first setting)MiltonRastallAB0099.50
York Tune (second setting)MiltonRastallAB0099.50
In Nomine 'If that a sinner's sighs'MiltonRastallAB0106.00
Fantazia 1MiltonRastallAB0106.00
Fantazia 2MiltonRastallAB0106.00
Fantazia 3MiltonRastallAB0106.00
Fantazia 4MiltonRastallAB0106.00
Fantazia 5MiltonRastallAB0106.00
Holy, Lord God almightyBatesonPayneAB0112.50
Vota persolvamWard? (Anonymous)PayneAB0123.25
Vota persolvamAnonymous (Ward?)PayneAB0123.25
Two sacred madrigals for six voicesRamseyPayneAB0133.25
How doth the city remain desolateRamseyPayneAB0133.25
Woe is me that I am constrained to dwellRamseyPayneAB0133.25
Evening Service for trebles: in medio choriHolmesPayneAB0144.00
Magnificat from Evening Service for trebles: in medio choriHolmesPayneAB0144.00
Nunc dimittis from Evening Service for trebles: in medio choriHolmesPayneAB0144.00
Four collects for five voicesRamseyPayneAB0153.50
Almighty God, which hast given us thine only begotten SonRamseyPayneAB0153.50
Almighty God, which through thine only begotten SonRamseyPayneAB0153.50
We beseech thee, O LordRamseyPayneAB0153.50
Almighty God, which hast knit together thine electRamseyPayneAB0153.50
Behold, now praise the Lord LoosemorePayneAB0164.25
O God, my heart is readyLoosemorePayneAB0164.25
Tell the daughter of SionLoosemorePayneAB0164.25
To Jesus Christ, the faithful witnessLoosemorePayneAB0164.25
Almighty God, which madest thy blessed sonWilsonPayneAB0173.50
Behold, how good and joyful a thing it isWilsonPayneAB0173.50
Behold, now praise the LordWilsonPayneAB0173.50
Blessed is the man that feareth the LordWilsonPayneAB0173.50
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of SabaothWilsonPayneAB0173.50
Thy mercy, O Lord, reacheth unto the heavensWilsonPayneAB0173.50
Turn thy face from my sinsWilsonPayneAB0173.50
Nunc dimittisWilsonPayneAB0183.50
Almighty God, which doest seeWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Almighty God, which madest thy blessed sonWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Grant, we beseech theeWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Merciful Lord, we beseech theeWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Prevent us, O LordWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Christ rising/Christ is risenWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Merciful Lord, we beseech theeWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Prevent us, O LordWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Christ rising/Christ is risenWilsonPayneAB0194.50
Behold, it is ChristLoosemorePayneAB0214.50
Fret not thyselfLoosemorePayneAB0214.50
Thou art worthy, O LordLoosemorePayneAB0214.50
Praise the Lord, O my soulLoosemorePayneAB0225.00
To Jesus Christ, the faithful witnessLoosemorePayneAB0225.00
Truly God is loving unto IsraelLoosemorePayneAB0225.00
Turn thee again, O LordLoosemorePayneAB0225.00
Te DeumChildPayneAB0234.00
Bow down O LordChildPayneAB0234.00
Te DeumMollePayneAB0244.00
Great and marvellous are thy worksMollePayneAB0244.00
Ce n'est pas jeuPassereauThomas, B.AE0013.50
Gentil mareschalAnonymousThomas, B.AE0013.50
Vous estes trop jeuneGombertThomas, B.AE0013.50
Allez regretzVachoThomas, B.AE0023.50
O Venus bantAnonymousThomas, B.AE0023.50
Tout a par moyAgricolaThomas, B.AE0023.50
J'ay ung mariAnonymousThomas, B.AE0033.50
J'ayme bien mon anyWillaertThomas, B.AE0033.50
Mon petit cueurWillaertThomas, B.AE0033.50
Petite camusetteWillaertThomas, B.AE0033.50
Aqua non e l'humorTromboncinoBoormanAE0043.50
Cangia spera mia vogliaCaraBoormanAE0043.50
Chiare fresch'e dolce aqueEustachioBoormanAE0043.50
E d'un bel matinCapriolusBoormanAE0043.50
Aquil' alteraJacopo da BolognaWilkinsAE0054.00
Si com' al cantoJacopo da BolognaWilkinsAE0054.00
Sotto l'imperoJacopo da BolognaWilkinsAE0054.00
As I out rodeAnonymousRastallAE0063.25
Lullay lullay thou littell tiny childAnonymousRastallAE0063.25
Alarme, alarmeGrimaceWilkinsAE0073.50
Quiconques veut d'amours joirAnonymousWilkinsAE0073.50
Soit tart, tenpre, main ou soirAnonymousWilkinsAE0073.50
Ancidetemi purArcadeltFenlonAE0083.50
Il ciel che radoArcadeltFenlonAE0083.50
Io dico che fra voiArcadeltFenlonAE0083.50
Inperiale sedendoBartolino da PadovaBoormanAE0093.75
La douce chiereBartolino da PadovaBoormanAE0093.75
Qual lege moveBartolino da PadovaBoormanAE0093.75
Inperiale sedendo (keyboard version)Bartolino da PadovaWilkinsAE0103.50
La douce chiere (keyboard version)Bartolino da PadovaWilkinsAE0103.50
Qual lege move (keyboard version)Bartolino da PadovaWilkinsAE0103.50
Jeo hay en vosAnonymousRastallAE0113.25
Le grant pleyserAnonymousRastallAE0113.25
Plus pur l'enoryrAnonymousRastallAE0113.25
Al del hatoAnonymousLeeAE0123.75
Dezi flor rresplandecienteAnonymousLeeAE0123.75
Gran gasajo siento yoEncina?LeeAE0123.75
Nuevas, nuevasAnonymousLeeAE0123.75
Qual estavades anocheAnonymousLeeAE0123.75
Che faro ioGalfridus de AngliaFallowsAE0133.50
El mal foco ardaRobertus de AngliaFallowsAE0133.50
Io zemo sospiroGalfridus de AngliaFallowsAE0133.50
O fallaze e ria fortunaRobertus de AngliaFallowsAE0133.50
Alleluya moduletur (Worcester)AnonymousReaneyAE0143.75
Alleluya Nativitas (Worcester)AnonymousReaneyAE0143.75
Apollinis eclipsaturBernard de ClunyBentAE0153.75
Sub Arturo plebsJohannes AlanusBentAE0153.75
Danger me hath unskylfulyAnonymousSeaman/RastallAE0163.50
I rede that thu be joly and gladAnonymousSeaman/RastallAE0163.50
Me-lykyth everAnonymousSeaman/RastallAE0163.50
Thys Yol. The best redAnonymousSeaman/RastallAE0163.50
Trewe on whom ys al my trystAnonymousSeaman/RastallAE0163.50
Wel were hym that wystAnonymousSeaman/RastallAE0163.50
Benedicamus dominoAnonymousRastallAE0173.25
Gloria in excelsis deoAnonymousRastallAE0173.25
Pange linguaAnonymousRastallAE0173.25
Si quis amatAnonymousRastallAE0173.25
Ave Maria I say to thatAnonymousRastallAE0183.50
Credo in deum that ys wythowtAnonymousRastallAE0183.50
Lolay, lolay, as I layAnonymousRastallAE0183.50
Pater noster most of myghtAnonymousRastallAE0183.50
Como nos liebas amorAnonymousStembridgeAE0193.50
Desdichado fue nacerAnonymousStembridgeAE0193.50
Por muy dichoso se tengaAnonymousStembridgeAE0193.50
Quedose do quedo yoAnonymousStembridgeAE0193.50
Sobime a lo altoAnonymousStembridgeAE0193.50
Ve temor busca do estesAnonymousStembridgeAE0193.50
Vos partistes yo quedareAnonymousStembridgeAE0193.50
De esperanca vos vestistesAnonymousCosta BritoAE0203.50
Perdido polos meus olhosAnonymousCosta BritoAE0203.50
Porque me nao ves JoanaAnonymousCosta BritoAE0203.50
Que e o que vejoAnonymousCosta BritoAE0203.50
Quem tem farelosAnonymousCosta BritoAE0203.50
Surge proxima mea (I)AnonymousRastallAE0213.25
Surge proxima mea (II)AnonymousRastallAE0213.25
Veni de Libano sponsa (I)AnonymousRastallAE0213.25
Veni de Libano sponsa (II)AnonymousRastallAE0213.25
Veni electa mea (I)AnonymousRastallAE0213.25
Veni electa mea (II)AnonymousRastallAE0213.25
Au dous tens/Biiaus dous amis/ManereAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
Bien met/Dame alegies/A ParisAdam de la Halle?Thomas, W.AE0225.00
En Mai/L'autre jour/He resvelleAdam de la Halle?Thomas, W.AE0225.00
En non Dieu/Quant voi/NobisAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
He Marotele/En la praerie/AptaturAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
Il n'a en toi/Robins/OmnesAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
L'autre jour/Au tens/In seculumAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
L'autre jour/Hier matinet/OmnesAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
Mout me fu/Robins/PortareAdam de la Halle?Thomas, W.AE0225.00
Par un matinet/Les us bosquet/PortareAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
Puis qu'en /Quant li jolis/In seculumAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
Quant vient/Ne sai que/AmorisAnonymousThomas, W.AE0225.00
Altissonis aptatis/Hin principesAnonymousLeffertsAE0234.50
Inter densas/Imbribus irriguisAnonymousLeffertsAE0234.50
Amor vient/Au tens/Et gaudebitAnonymousEveristAE0244.00
Au queer/Ja ne mi/JoliettementAnonymousEveristAE0244.00
Duce creatureAnonymousEveristAE0244.00
Veine pleine de ducurAnonymousEveristAE0244.00
Volez oyer le castoyAnonymousEveristAE0244.00
Au doz mois/Crux forma/SustinereAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Clap clap/Sus RobinAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
De la vile/A la vile/ManereAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Emi emi Marotele/Emi emi/PortareAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Encontre le tans/Quant fuellent/In odoremAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
J'ai si bien/Aucun m'ont/AngelusAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
L'autrier/Demenant/ManereAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Les l'ormel/Mayn se leva/Je n'y saindraiAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Par une matinee/Mellis stilla/DominoAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Pour escouter/L'autrier joer/SeculorumAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Quant florist/El mois/Et gaudebitAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Quant la froidor/L'autrier/NostrumAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Quant voi/En Mai/ImmolatusAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Quant voi/Virgo virginum/Hec diesAnonymousThomas, W.AE0255.00
Ben di fortunaNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Benche partir da teNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Ch'il ben sofrirNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Chiamo non m'eNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Dio mi guardiNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Donna poss' io sperareNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
I' son tuo donnaNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Il megli' e pur tacereNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
La donna miaNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Non piu diroNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Tal sotto l'acqua (I)Niccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Tal sotto l'acqua (II)Niccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0264.00
Le mont AonAnonymousLeffertsAE0274.75
Phiton PhitonMagister FranciscusLeffertsAE0274.75
Se AlixandreTreborLeffertsAE0274.75
Se GalaasCuvelierLeffertsAE0274.75
Se July CesarTreborLeffertsAE0274.75
Nel mezzo gia del marNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0284.50
O giustizia reginaNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0284.50
O sommo specchioNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0284.50
Passando con pensierNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0284.50
Povero pellegrinNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0284.50
Rott' e la velaNiccolo da PerugiaKellyAE0284.50
A la rousee/Ab insurgentibusAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
A vos douce debonaire/OmnesAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Au douz Mai/VitamAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Aveques tel Marion/ManereAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Chantez seri Marot/Precedam vosAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Entre Robin et Marion/Et illuminareAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Hyer main trespensis d'amor/DominoAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Hyer main trespensis erroie/Ex semineAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Hyer matin a l'enjornee/DominoAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
L'autrier en Mai/TamquamAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Lonc le rieu de la fontaine/RegnatAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Ne m'oubliez/DominoAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Par matin/Tres douce pensee/FlorebitAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Pensis chief enclin/Flos filiusAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Por cueillir la flor/DocebitAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Por noient/JohanneAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Prenes l'arbre/He resvelle toi RobinAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Quant froidure/DominoAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Quant voi la fleur/Et tenueruntAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Robins a la vile/Stirps YesseAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Sancta Maria gracie/Dou way RobinAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Sans orgueil/JohanneAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Tous seus chevauchai/NeAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Tout leis enmi/DominusAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Trois sereus/Trois sereus/Trois sereus/PerlustravitAnonymousThomas, W.AE0295.25
Au joly boysClaudin de SermisyHillierAE0308.75
Baises moy tant tantWillaertHillierAE0308.75
Bon jour mon cueurGoudimelHillierAE0308.75
Bon jour mon cueurLassusHillierAE0308.75
Ce moys de mayJanequinHillierAE0308.75
D'amour je suis desheriteeRichafortHillierAE0308.75
Demandes-tu douce ennemiede la GrotteHillierAE0308.75
Doulce memoirSandrinHillierAE0308.75
Hau hau hau le boysClaudin de SermisyHillierAE0308.75
Incessament mon povre ceuerde La RueHillierAE0308.75
Je fille quant DieuMaistre GosseHillierAE0308.75
Je prens en gre la dure mortClemensHillierAE0308.75
La nuict froide et sombreLassusHillierAE0308.75
Le berger et la bergereMoutonHillierAE0308.75
Mignonne allons voirCosteleyHillierAE0308.75
Mille regretzJosquinHillierAE0308.75
Mon pere m'y veult marierCertonHillierAE0308.75
O cruaulte logeeJanequinHillierAE0308.75
O doulce amourClaudin de SermisyHillierAE0308.75
Paisible demaineLassusHillierAE0308.75
Revecy venir du printansLe JeuneHillierAE0308.75
Souffrir me convientGombertHillierAE0308.75
Susanne un jourLassusHillierAE0308.75
As many heads have many witsWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
Beware how sorrows thee oppressWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
He that contemneth injuriesWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
If ev'ry one that go'th aboutWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
In friends of each estateWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
Such as in loveWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
The happy life as I do takeWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
The restless raceWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
Thou shalt soon seeWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
Though friends be frailWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
Whatever hath been in time pastWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
When Cupid had compelled meWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
When fliering fortune favourethWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
Who that for truth decreesWhythorneMcQuillanAE0314.75
Li Lais de le RoseAnonymousBuckleyAE0324.75
Li Lais des AmansAnonymousBuckleyAE0324.75
Li Lais du KievrefoelAnonymousBuckleyAE0324.75
Ar ne kuthe ich sorghe nonAnonymousBuckleyAE0334.50
Cantus de Domina (French version)AnonymousBuckleyAE0334.50
Cantus de Domina (Latin version)AnonymousBuckleyAE0334.50
Eyns ne soy ke pleynte fuAnonymousBuckleyAE0334.50
Lasse que devendrai geAnonymousBuckleyAE0334.50
Ahi che spento e il desioPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Ahi che' l mio cor si fuggePecciFoxeAE0348.00
Amarillide miaPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Cosi in gelida scelcePecciFoxeAE0348.00
Cosi pietosa i colpiPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Dolce tormento mioPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Filli mirando'l cieloTantucciFoxeAE0348.00
Fui preso, fui feritoPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Io dislealPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Io mi distillo in piantoTantucciFoxeAE0348.00
Ma in questo e differentePecciFoxeAE0348.00
Madonna un tuo sospiroPecciFoxeAE0348.00
O come sei gentilePecciFoxeAE0348.00
O donna troppo crudaPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Pallidetta mia mortePecciFoxeAE0348.00
Pallidetto mio solePecciFoxeAE0348.00
Parlo misero o taccioPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Perfidissimo voltoPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Se gli amorosi miei gravi tormentiPecciFoxeAE0348.00
Se non basta'l languirePecciFoxeAE0348.00
Taci che ben s'intendePecciFoxeAE0348.00
Celsa sublimaturHugo de LantinsAllsenAE0354.75
Elizabet ZacharieDufayAllsenAE0354.75
Gaude martyrForestAllsenAE0354.75
O pia virgo FidesAnonymousAllsenAE0354.75
Amors m'art con fuoc am flamaAnonymousPageAE0366.00
Assenes chi GrievilierAdam de la HalePageAE0366.00
Au novel tens pascorAnonymousPageAE0366.00
Cil qui d'amors me conseilleGace BrulePageAE0366.00
Contre tens que voi frimerGace BrulePageAE0366.00
D'Amours qui m'a tolu a moiChrestien de TroyesPageAE0366.00
De bien amer grant joie atentGace BrulePageAE0366.00
Desconfortez plains de dolorGace BrulePageAE0366.00
Dolerousement comenceGontier de SoigniesPageAE0366.00
Donna pos vos ay chausidaAnonymousPageAE0366.00
Fins cuers enamouresWibers KaukeselPageAE0366.00
Je chevauchaiRichart de SemilliPageAE0366.00
La doce penseeGautier de DargiesPageAE0366.00
Lan ke li dous chantGontier de SoigniesPageAE0366.00
Les oiseillons de mon paisGace BrulePageAE0366.00
Por conforter mon corageErnous li vielePageAE0366.00
Quant define fueille et florGace BrulePageAE0366.00
Quant voi la fleur nouveleAnonymousPageAE0366.00
Un chant novelWibers KaukeselPageAE0366.00
Alleluia Pascha nostrum ... Epulemur (plainchant alleluia)AnonymousPageAE0376.00
Chanterai pour mon coraigeGuiot de Dijon?PageAE0376.00
Hac in die GedeonisAnonymousPageAE0376.00
Hec dies quam fecit dominus (plainchant gradual)AnonymousPageAE0376.00
Invocantes dominum (antiphon) and Deus venerunt gentes (psalm)AnonymousPageAE0376.00
Jerusalem accipiturAnonymousPageAE0376.00
Jerusalem se plaint et li paisHues de St Quentin?PageAE0376.00
Jerusalem! grant damage me faisGautier d'Epinal?PageAE0376.00
Luget Rachel iterumAnonymousPageAE0376.00
Luto carens et latereAnonymousPageAE0376.00
O levis aurula!AnonymousPageAE0376.00
Te deum laudamusAnonymousPageAE0376.00
Veri vitis germineAnonymousPageAE0376.00
As 'tis a sign of persons graveWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
As restless head doth always giveWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
As thy shadow itself applyethWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
Buy new broomWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
Give not thy mind to heavinessWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
I have not only readWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
If flattered be the wickedWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
If thou that hast a trusty friendWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
In weal and woe be patientWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
It doth belong more of good rightWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
Nothing is sharper than low thingsWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
Of a hard beginningWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
Shall I this woe sustainWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
The haughtiness of some but baseWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
The music tunes of voice or soundWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
The pleasant and the gentle speechWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
Thy secrets toldWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
Till time had taught meWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
When wit doth seek vice to embraceWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
Who that to quassing is bentWhythorneMcQuillanAE0388.25
All ye that serve the blind god LoveWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Almighty God, Thy loving careWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Behold now praise the Lord (Psalm 134)WhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
For to reclaim to friendWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
I cannot deem them happy sureWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
I have ere this time heard many one sayWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
I will yield thanks to TheeWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
If I had not foreseen the changes newly happedWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Is there no choice for meWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
It does me good when Zephrus rainsWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
It hath been proved both even and morrowWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
It is a world some sots to seeWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Like as the smoke outwardly seenWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
My soul and all that in me isWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Now that the truth is triedWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
O be joyful in the Lord all ye lands (Psalm 100)WhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
O come let us sing unto the Lord (Psalm 95)WhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
O good Lord, have mercy on meWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
O Lord above, send us Thy graceWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
O our Father, we yield to TheeWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Of nature's gifts wit is the chiefWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Out of the deep (Psalm 130)WhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Ponder the proofWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Prefer not great beauty before virtueWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Since I embrace the heavenly graceWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Take heed of words thou mayst not vouchWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
The divers chance that God doth sendWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
The doubtful state that I possessWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
The gifts of nature well disposedWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
The great offence of my most sinful ghostWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Though choler clipped the heart aboutWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Though crooked cares do chanceWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Though fortune frown on me alwayWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
To overcome by patienceWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
To reprehend or mockWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Unto Thee lift I up mine eyes (Psalm 123)WhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
When fortune seemed so much my friendWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
When I remember of this worldWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
When that well tippled are with boozed bumWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Where praises great be givenWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Who that will weigh of ages allWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Whoso that list his chance to tryWhythorneMcQuillanAE03911.50
Amor, io partoPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Cara amorosa fiammaPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Ch'io mora?PecciFoxeAE0409.50
Deh tornaPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Del più leggiadro fiorePecciFoxeAE0409.50
Dolcissimo sospiroPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Donna, se m'ancidetePecciFoxeAE0409.50
E pender semivivaPecciFoxeAE0409.50
E quant'in te cospersePecciFoxeAE0409.50
Era l'anima miaPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Ma folle a chi ridicoPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Ma che vitaPecciFoxeAE0409.50
O chiome errantiPecciFoxeAE0409.50
O nelle tue sventurePecciFoxeAE0409.50
Piaga dolce d'amorePecciFoxeAE0409.50
Quel neoPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Quel usignol gentilePecciFoxeAE0409.50
Se de veder m'è toltoPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Sospir, che del bel pettoPecciFoxeAE0409.50
Taci bocca!PecciFoxeAE0409.50
Come, lovers, forthEastGreerAE0413.50
Go, go, the fisher's joyAnonymousGreerAE0413.50
Sad is the timeCorkineGreerAE0413.50
The silver swanEastGreerAE0413.50
Vaults, graves, and tombsAnonymousGreerAE0413.50
Venus, by Adonis' sideParsonsGreerAE0413.50
What booteth love?CorkineGreerAE0413.50
Hail! holy woman, whosoe’er thou be?FordGreerAE04212.00
Are women fair?FordGreerAE04212.00
Yet if his majesty, our sovereign lordFordGreerAE04212.00
Sigh no more, ladiesFordGreerAE04212.00
Say, bold but blessed thiefFordGreerAE04212.00
Fire! Fire! Lo here I burnFordGreerAE04212.00
Come, let us here enjoy the shade (‘A Diologue’)FordGreerAE04212.00
Strike, Lord (‘A diologue’)FordGreerAE04212.00
Come forth, my dearFordGreerAE04212.00
Now sleeps my loveFordGreerAE04212.00
What greater joy can bless my soulFordGreerAE04212.00
O thou, whose love I prizeFordGreerAE04212.00
Oh how my soul is ravished with the joysFordGreerAE04212.00
Who ever smelt the breath of morning flowersFordGreerAE04212.00
At night lie downFordGreerAE04212.00
My sins are like the hairs upon my headFordGreerAE04212.00
Go, wounded soulFordGreerAE04212.00
My love is like a garden full of flowersFordGreerAE04212.00
What curious face is this?FordGreerAE04212.00
Strike thou the anvilFordGreerAE04212.00
My griefs are fullFordGreerAE04212.00
Praise the Lord, O my soulFordGreerAE04212.00
O praise the LordFordGreerAE04212.00
Hear my prayer, O LordFordGreerAE04212.00
O clap your hands togetherFordGreerAE04212.00
Forsake me not, O GodFordGreerAE04212.00
Bow down thine ear, O LordFordGreerAE04212.00
Why art thou so heavy, O my soul?FordGreerAE04212.00
Glory be to the FatherFordGreerAE04212.00
Sweet, yet cruel, unkind is sheFordGreerAE04212.00
Grief, keep inFordGreerAE04212.00
What’s a woman but her will?FordGreerAE04212.00
How sits this city, late most populousFordGreerAE04212.00
Let not thy blackness move thee to despairFordGreerAE04212.00
Our life is nothing but a winter’s dayFordGreerAE04212.00
Use of Salisbury: Ordinary of MassPlainchantSandonLCM0019.75
Use of Salisbury: Mass propers from Advent to SeptuagesimaPlainchantSandonLCM00214.25
Use of Salisbury: Mass propers from Septuagesima to Palm SundayPlainchantSandonLCM00315.25
Use of Salisbury: Masses and ceremonies of Holy WeekPlainchantSandonLCM00413.50
Use of Salisbury: Mass propers from Easter to TrinityPlainchantSandonLCM00511.50
Use of Salisbury: Mass propers from Trinity to AdventPlainchantSandonLCM00612.25
Ave generosaHildegardPageMCM0014.75
Columba aspexitHildegardPageMCM0014.75
O ecclesiaHildegardPageMCM0014.75
O euchariHildegardPageMCM0014.75
O Ierusalem aurea civitasHildegardPageMCM0014.75
O ignis spiritusHildegardPageMCM0014.75
O presul vere civitatisHildegardPageMCM0014.75
O virga ac diademaHildegardPageMCM0014.75
O viridissima virgaHildegardPageMCM0014.75
Agnus dei (Fountains 10)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Agnus dei (Fountains 11)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Agnus dei (Fountains 12)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Agnus dei (Fountains 13)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Agnus dei (Fountains 14)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Alme pater (Fountains 18)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Credo (Fountains 15)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Gloria (Fountains 1)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Gloria (Fountains 16)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Gloria (Fountains 2)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Gloria (Fountains 3)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Gloria (Fountains 4)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Gloria (Fountains 6)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Humane lingue/Supplicum voces/Deo gracias (Fountains 17)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Sanctus (Fountains 5)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Sanctus (Fountains 7)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Sanctus (Fountains 8)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Sanctus (Fountains 9)AnonymousKershawMCM0027.00
Alma mater dignaAnonymousWatheyMCM0034.00
Barrabas dimittiturAnonymousWatheyMCM0034.00
Benedicta es caelorum reginaAnonymousWatheyMCM0034.00
De spineto nata rosaAnonymousWatheyMCM0034.00
Filius Getronis (The Son of Getron) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0045.50
Iconia Sancti Nicholai (The Image of St Nicholas) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0045.50
Tres Clerici (The Three Scholars) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0045.50
Tres Filie (The Three Daughters) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0045.50
Interfectio Puerorum (The Massacre of the Innocents) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0055.75
Ordo ad Representandum Herodem (The Play of Herod) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0055.75
Visitatio Sepulcri (The Visit to the Sepulchre) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0055.75
Peregrinus (The Pilgrim) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0066.25
Conversio Sancti Pauli (The Conversion of Saint Paul) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0066.25
Resuscitacio Lazari (The Raising of Lazarus) (Fleury)AnonymousThomas, W.MCM0066.25
Missa Alma redemptoris materPowerCurtisRCM0014.00
Missa Sine nomineAedvardusAtlasRCM0023.75
Descendi in ortum meumLymburgiaLewisRCM0034.00
Pulcra es amica meaLymburgiaLewisRCM0034.00
Surge propera amica meaLymburgiaLewisRCM0034.00
Tota pulcra es amica meaLymburgiaLewisRCM0034.00
Regina caeli IBusnoisEckertRCM0043.75
Regina caeli IIBusnoisEckertRCM0043.75
Missa Sine nomineCoxSandonRCM0054.25
Missa Sine nominePlummerSandonRCM0064.50
The Bodleian Year-Books MassAnonymousSandonRCM0074.25
Missa Sine nomineJosquinDavisonRCM0085.00
Chelui qui est tant plan de deulDomartoKidgerRCM0095.00
Je vis tous jours en esperanceDomartoKidgerRCM0095.00
Missa Sine nomineDomartoKidgerRCM0095.00
In honore summe matrisDavySandonRCM0104.50
Stabat mater dolorosaJosquinDavisonRCM0114.00
Miserere mei deusJosquinDavisonRCM0124.50
Benedicta es caelorum reginaJosquinDavisonRCM0133.75
O virgo prudentissimaJosquinDavisonRCM0144.00
Inviolata integra et casta esJosquinDavisonRCM0153.50
De profundis clamavi a 4JosquinDavisonRCM0163.50
Praeter rerum seriemJosquinDavisonRCM0174.00
Missa de beata virgineJosquinDavisonRCM0185.50
Missa Sine nomine a 6CarverPreeceRCM0195.50
Ave dei patris filiaTallisAllinsonRCM0204.75
Ave dei patris filiaJohnsonSandonRCM0214.50
Gaude Maria virgoJohnsonSandonRCM0214.50
Benedicite dominumClaude le JeuneIrvingRCM0224.75
Magnificat Primi ToniClaude le JeuneIrvingRCM0224.75
Alleluya [Per te dei genitrix]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Anima mea liquefacta estAnonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Ave regina celorum, Mater regis angelorumAnonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Beata dei genitrixMowerLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Benedicamus domino [I]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Benedicamus domino [II]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Dicant nunc Judei [I]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Dicant nunc Judei [II]Cornysh (John)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Gaude sancta MagdalenaPackeLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Gaude virgo mater ChristiAnonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Kyrie and GloriaSturgesLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Lumen ad revelacionem genciumPackeLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Miserere michi domine [I]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Miserere michi domine [II]NormanLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Missa Gaudete in dominoPackeLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Missa Rex summePackeLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Missa Sine nominePetyrLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Nesciens mater [I]TrouluffeLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Nesciens mater [II]TrouluffeLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Nesciens mater [III]Trouluffe and SmertLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Nesciens mater [IV]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Nunc Jhesu te petimusAnonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
O lux beata trinitasAnonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Regina celi letareMowerLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Salve festa dies [I]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Salve festa dies [II]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Salve regina [I]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Salve regina [II]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Sancta Maria virgoAnonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Stella celi extirpavitHawteLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Stella celi extirpavit [I]Anonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
Te deum laudamusPackeLane/SandonRCM02313.75
Textless fragmentAnonymous (Ritson)Lane/SandonRCM02313.75
The Mean MassTavernerSandonRCM0244.75
Maria plena virtuteFayrfaxSandonRCM0254.25
Te matrem dei laudamusAstonSandonRCM0264.75
Missa Te deum laudamusAstonSandonRCM0276.25
Missa Videte manus measAstonSandonRCM0286.75
Missa Sine nomineResonCvejicRCM0294.25
Salve radixAnonymousParsons/SandonRCM03012.25
Psallite felicesSampsonParsons/SandonRCM03012.25
Sub tuum presidiumBenedictus de OpitiisParsons/SandonRCM03012.25
Quam pulcra esSampsonParsons/SandonRCM03012.25
Hec est preclarum vasAnonymousParsons/SandonRCM03012.25
Salve reginaAnonymousSandonRCM0314.50
Ave dei patris filiaAnonymousSandonRCM0324.50
Magnificat IAnonymousSandonRCM0334.50
Magnificat IIAnonymousSandonRCM0344.25
Vidi aquam egredientemAnonymousSandonRCM0354.00
Ave mundi spes MariaAnonymousSandonRCM0364.50
Gaude flore virginaliAnonymousSandonRCM0374.50
O Maria plena graciaLambeSandonRCM0384.75
Eterne laudis liliumFayrfaxSandonRCM0394.50
Ave Maria ancilla trinitatisStourtonSandonRCM0404.50
Gaude virgo mater ChristiAstonSandonRCM0414.25
Missa Spiritus almusDomartoKidgerRCM0424.75
Missa Ad fugamOrtoDavisonRCM0434.75
Missa DominicalisOrtoDavisonRCM0445.25
Missa J'ay pris amoursOrtoDavisonRCM0455.75
Missa La belle se siedOrtoDavisonRCM0465.25
Missa L'homme arméOrtoDavisonRCM0476.00
Missa Mi miOrtoDavisonRCM0485.75
Kyrie in honore Beatissimae VirginisOrtoDavisonRCM0495.25
Credo le ServiteurOrtoDavisonRCM0495.25
Credo Sine nomineOrtoDavisonRCM0495.25
Ave Maria gratia plenaOrtoDavisonRCM0506.25
Ave Maria mater gratiaeOrtoDavisonRCM0506.25
Da pacem domineOrtoDavisonRCM0506.25
Descendi in ortum meumOrtoDavisonRCM0506.25
Domine non secundumOrtoDavisonRCM0506.25
Motets IOrtoDavisonRCM0506.25
Lamentatio Jeremiae ProphetaeOrtoDavisonRCM0516.25
Lucis creator optimeOrtoDavisonRCM0516.25
Ut queant laxisOrtoDavisonRCM0516.25
Dulces exuviaeOrtoDavisonRCM0516.25
Impulsus eversus sumOrtoDavisonRCM0516.25
Salve regis mater/Hic est sacerdosOrtoDavisonRCM0516.25
Missa Christus resurgensPasheSandonRCM0526.25
Salve reginaHorwoodSandonRCM0534.25
O regina mundi claraBrowneSandonRCM0544.75
Stabat virgo mater ChristiBrowneSandonRCM0554.25
Gaude Virgo mater ChristiStourtonSandonRCM0564.75
Confitebor tibiDamonScott RCM0579.25
Miserere nostriDamonScott RCM0579.25
Spem in aliumDamonScott RCM0579.25
Omnis caroDamonScott RCM0579.25
Praedicabo laudesDamonScott RCM0579.25
O Heavenly GodDamonScott RCM0579.25
O Mightie GodDamonScott RCM0579.25
Ut re my fa sol laDamonScott RCM0579.25
Beati omnesDamonScott RCM0579.25
Di sei sopraniDamonScott RCM0579.25
O Albane deo grateFayrfaxSandon RCM0584.50
Miserere meiPraetorius H.StevensRCM0595.25
O vos omnesPraetorius H.StevensRCM0595.25
Ne projicias mePraetorius H.StevensRCM0595.25
O bone JesuPraetorius H.StevensRCM0595.25
PeccaviPraetorius H.StevensRCM0595.25
Domine non est exaltatumStrogersPayneRCM0603.50
Non me vincatStrogersPayneRCM0603.50
Quare tristis esKirbyePayneRCM0613.50
Vox in RamaKirbyePayneRCM0613.50
Salve reginaCornysh W.SandonRCM0624.50
Salve Jesu mater veraDavySandonRCM0634.00
Three antiphons for men's voicesLambeSandonRCM0644.75
Stella celiLambeSandonRCM0644.75
Ascendit ChristusLambeSandonRCM0644.75
Gaude flore virginaliLambeSandonRCM0644.75
Missa Surrexit pastor bonusLupus HellinckSandonRCM0667.50
Missa O quam suavisJohn LloydSandonRCM0677.50
Ave regina celorumJohn LloydSandonRCM0677.50
KyrieJerrit DerrickPayneRCM0684.00
CreedJerrit DerrickPayneRCM0684.00
JubilateJerrit DerrickPayneRCM0684.00
Precor te, domine Jesu ChristeFrancisco de PeñalosaMetcalfeRCM0693.25
MagnificatJohn NesbettSandonRCM0703.25
Benedicamus dominoJohn NesbettSandonRCM0703.25
The Dartmouth MagnificatAnonymous (Dartmouth)SandonRCM0713.75
Salve regina (for broken voices)BrowneSandonRCM0723.50
Salve reginaHygonsSandonRCM0733.50
Salve reginaLambeSandonRCM0743.75
Gaude virgo mater ChristiHorwoodSandonRCM0753.50
Missa Lapidaverunt StephanumLudfordSandonRCM0765.00
Magnificat for five voicesHorwoodSandonRCM0773.25
Gaude flore virginaliHorwoodSandonRCM0783.50
Stabat mater dolorosaRichard DavySandonRCM0793.50
Aspice domine quia facta estJacquet of MantuaSandonRCM0807.00
Aspice domine quia facta estPhilip van WilderSandonRCM0807.00
Aspice domine quia facta estVaetSandonRCM0807.00
Aspice domine quia facta estGerardeSandonRCM0807.00
Aspice domine quia facta estByrdSandonRCM0807.00
Aspice domine quia facta estBaccusiSandonRCM0807.00
Sancta Maria virgoKnyghtSandonRCM0815.25
Alleluia Obtine sacris precibusKnyghtSandonRCM0815.25
Christus resurgensKnyghtSandonRCM0815.25
Nunc dimittisKnyghtSandonRCM0815.25
Nunc dimittis (Wanley tonus peregrinus)AnonymousSandonRCM0815.25
Fac nobis secundumTavernerSandonRCM1014.25
Sancte deusTavernerSandonRCM1014.25
Sub tuum presidiumTavernerSandonRCM1014.25
O rex glorioseMasonSandonRCM1024.50
Vidi aquam egredientem (Peterhouse 33)AnonymousSandonRCM1024.50
Stabat mater dolorosaHuntSandonRCM1034.25
Salve reginaPygottSandonRCM1045.00
O Maria deo grataFayrfaxSandonRCM1054.50
Salve reginaLudfordSandonRCM1064.50
Marie virginis fecunda visceraBramstonSandonRCM1074.75
Trium regum trinum munusCatcottSandonRCM1074.75
Ave fuit prima salusMasonSandonRCM1084.50
Euge dicta sanctis oraculisNormanSandonRCM1094.25
Ave Maria dive matrisAstonSandonRCM1104.00
Ave Maria mater deiHuntSandonRCM1114.00
Sub tuam protectionemNorthbrokeSandonRCM1114.00
Terrenum sitiens regnumEdward [Hedley]SandonRCM1124.50
Ave vulnus laterisErleSandonRCM1124.50
Ve nobis miserisMasonSandonRCM1134.25
Quales sumus O miseriMasonSandonRCM1144.25
Gaude virgo mater ChristiAlenSandonRCM1154.50
Sancta Maria mater deiPasheSandonRCM1154.50
Mater Christi sanctissimaTavernerSandonRCM1165.50
Missa Mater ChristiTavernerSandonRCM1165.50
Exultet in hac dieSturmySandonRCM1174.00
Sancte deusWhytbrokeSandonRCM1174.00
Missa Spes nostraJonesSandonRCM1186.00
Missa Veni sancte spiritusPygottSandonRCM1195.50
Missa Small devotionTavernerSandonRCM1206.50
O Willelme pastor boneTavernerSandonRCM1206.50
O Christe Jesu pastor boneTavernerSandonRCM1206.50
Magnificat for five voicesTavernerSandonRCM1214.25
Magnificat for five voicesDarkeSandonRCM1224.00
Missa Sine nomineTyeSandonRCM1235.00
Ave dei patris filiaMerbeckeSandonRCM1243.50
Missa Sine nomine (Confessor domini?)AnonymousSandonRCM1264.75
Ave cujus conceptioLudfordSandonRCM1274.50
Domine Jesu ChristeLudfordSandonRCM1274.50
Magnificat for five voicesPasheSandonRCM1294.25
Lauda vivi alpha et oFayrfaxSandonRCM1304.75
Ave Maria ancilla trinitatisLudfordSandonRCM1314.00
Missa Inclina cor meumLudfordSandonRCM1325.75
Ave gratia plena MariaChamberlayneSandonRCM1334.25
Missa Salve intemerataTallisSandonRCM1345.75
Salve intemerataTallisSandonRCM1345.75
Missa Regnum mundiLudfordSandonRCM1355.25
Ave rosa sine spinisTallisSandonRCM1364.00
Ave Maria ancilla trinitatisAstonSandonRCM1374.25
O baptista vates ChristiAstonSandonRCM1384.00
Totius mundi dominaMartynSandonRCM1394.75
Missa Libera nosKnyghtSandonRCM1405.50

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