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Title: Complete Works I: Vocal Music AB9 cover
Composer: John Milton (1562–1647)
Editor: Richard Rastall
Reference: AB9
Price (GBP): 11.75
Description: As the editor remarks in his introduction, John Milton the composer deserves better than to be known solely as ‘father of the poet’. Much of the music that he composed during his long life must be lost, but enough remains to show his versatility, competence and individuality. This volume includes two versions of the madrigal Fair Orian, in the morne which he contributed to The Triumphes of Oriana (1601), ten sacred partsongs probably intended for chamber rather than chapel use, some harmonized hymn tunes, and instrumental parts for the exotic scoring prescribed in one source of Thou God of might. xi + 94 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-147-9.

Sample page(s)

  1. Faire Orian, in the morne (a 6)
  2. Thou God of might (a 4)
  3. O Lord, behold my miseries (a 5)
  4. O had I wings like to a dove (a 5)
  5. If that a sinner’s sighs (a 5)
  6. If ye love me (a 4)
  7. When David heard that Absolon was slaine (a 5)
  8. O woe is me for thee (a 5)
  9. I am the resurrection and the life (a 5)
  10. Precamur sancte domine (a 6)
  11. How doth the holy city remaine solitarie (a 6)
  12. She weepeth continually in the night (a 6)
  13. Norwich Tune (a 4)
  14. York Tune (first setting) (a 4)
  15. York Tune (second setting) (a 4)
  16. Instrumental parts for Thou God of might
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