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Title: Complete Works II: Private Musicke or The First Booke of Ayres and Dialogues (1620) AB4 cover
Composer: Martin Peerson
Editor: Richard Rastall
Reference: AB4
Price (GBP): 9.75 (score); 16.25 (parts)
Description: This second volume of Martin Peerson’s complete works is mainly devoted to the twenty-four songs published in 1620. Fourteen of these (including Upon my lap my soveraigne sits, Peerson’s only work well known today) are in four parts; eight are in five; and two (including an ambitious setting of Ben Jonson’s poem See, O see who is heere come a-maying composed for the royal May-day celebrations in 1604) are in six. Mingling pieces in a thoroughly madrigalian all-vocal style with others involving instruments (ideally a consort of viols, or a keyboard instrument or a lute, or even a solo bass viol), this collection illustrates the variety of English song during the reign of James I. Also included in this edition are six songs from manuscript sources: four three-part arrangements of songs from Private Musicke and two others which may be by Peerson. For various combinations of treble, alto, tenor and bass voices, plus instruments. Score xvi + 64 pages, ISMN 979-0-57039-003-8. Instrumental parts for viols, ISMN 979-0-57039-004-5.

Sample page(s)

  1. Open the dore (a 4)
  2. Resolv’d to love (a 4)
  3. Ah, were she pittifull (a 4)
  4. Disdaine, that so doth fill me (a 4)
  5. O pretious time (a 4)
  6. Can a mayde that is will bred (a 4)
  7. O I doe love (a 4)
  8. Since just disdaine began to rise (a 4)
  9. At her faire hands (a 4)
  10. Now Robin, laugh and sing (a 4)
  11. Hey the horne (a 4)
  12. Upon my lap my soveraigne sits (a 4)
  13. Locke up, fair lids (a 4)
  14. Love her no more (a 4)
  15. Come, pretty wag, and sing (a 5)
  16. Then with reports (a 5)
  17. Pretty wantons, sweetly sing (a 5)
  18. Sing, Love is blind (a 5)
  19. What need the morning rise? (a 5)
  20. Gaze not on youth (a 5)
  21. I onely seeke to please mine eye (a 5)
  22. The spring of joy is dry (a 5)
  23. Is not that my fancie’s queene? (a 6)
  24. See, O see who is heere come a-maying (a 6)
  25. Come, pritty wagg, and sing (a 3)
  26. Sing, Love is blind (a 3)
  27. To pitch our toyles (a 3)
  28. Then with reports (a 3)
  29. What need the morning rise? (a 3)
  30. To pitch our toyles (a 5)
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