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Music from the 16th and 17th Centuries
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Title Composer Reference Price (GBP)
Three Parisian chansons Various AE1 3.50
Four double canons Willaert/Anonymous AE3 3.50
Four frottole Various AE4 3.50
Two Coventry carols Anonymous AE6 3.25
Three madrigals Jacques Arcadelt AE8 3.50
Le Beau Ballet d’Amour: an anthology of 16th-century chansons Various AE30 8.75
Songes for Three Voyces Thomas Whythorne AE31 4.75
First Book of Madrigals for Five Voices (1602) Tomaso Pecci AE34 8.00
Songes for Five Voyces Thomas Whythorne AE38 8.25
Songes for Four Voyces Thomas Whythorne AE39 11.50
Second Book of Madrigals for Five Voices (1612) Tomaso Pecci AE40 9.50
Seven Songs from the Age of Shakespeare from the Folger Collection Various AE41 3.50

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