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Title: Songes for Five Voyces AE38 cover
Composer: Thomas Whythorne
Editor: Robert McQuillan
Reference: AE38
Price (GBP): 8.25
Description: Published in 1571 and containing works in a variety of styles, Thomas Whythorne’s collection Songes for three, fower and five voyces is of great importance in the history of English music. This volume contains the twenty songs in five voices from Whythorne’s enterprising if commercially unsuccessful publication. Some are rather severely contrapuntal and imitative; others are more homophonic and lyrical. For five solo singers or small choir: mainly SATBarB but also SSATB and SAATB. xvi + 71 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-042-7.

Sample page(s)

  1. When wit doth seek vice to embrace
  2. The music tunes of voice or sound
  3. As 'tis a sign of persons grave
  4. Of a hard beginning
  5. The pleasant and the gentle speech
  6. The haughtiness of some but base
  7. I have not only read
  8. Nothing is sharper than low things
  9. In weal and woe be patient
  10. As thy shadow itself applyeth
  11. It doth belong more of good right
  12. Who that to quassing is bent
  13. If flattered be the wicked
  14. If thou that hast a trusty friend
  15. Thy secrets told
  16. Buy new broom
  17. Give not thy mind to heaviness
  18. Shall I this woe sustain
  19. Till time had taught me
  20. As restless head doth always give
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