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Title: Jerusalem: Vision of Peace AE37 cover
Composer: Various
Editor: Christopher Page
Reference: AE37
Price (GBP): 6.00
Description: This anthology of monophonic and polyphonic compositions from the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries has Jerusalem—the holy city in both its terrestrial and celestial guises—as its connecting theme. The collection includes Latin conducti in two and three voices, monophonic trouvère songs and plainchant from a manuscript associated with the Holy Sepulchre. The music has been recorded by Gothic Voices as Jerusalem: Vision of Peace (Hyperion, CDA67039). xiv + 38 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-041-0.

Sample page(s)

  1. Luto carens et latere (conductus, anonymous)
  2. Chanterai pour mon coraige (Guiot de Dijon?)
  3. Jerusalem! grant damage me fais (Gautier d'Epinal?)
  4. Jerusalem se plaint et li pais (Hues de St Quentin?)
  5. O levis aurula! (conductus, anonymous)
  6. Veri vitis germine (conductus, anonymous)
  7. Te deum laudamus (plainchant)
  8. Luget Rachel iterum (conductus, anonymous)
  9. Jerusalem accipitur (conductus, anonymous)
  10. Hac in die Gedeonis (conductus, anonymous)
  11. Invocantes dominum; Deus venerunt gentes (plainchant antiphon and psalm)
  12. Hec dies; Alleluia Pascha nostrum (plainchant gradual and alleluia)
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