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Title: Songs of the Trouvères AE36 cover
Composer: Various
Editor: Christopher Page
Reference: AE36
Price (GBP): 6.00
Description: This anthology of nineteen trouvère songs from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries includes six works by Gace Brulé as well as songs by eight other named poet-composers and three anonymous pieces; the choice illustrates virtually the full range of trouvère song. The songs are monophonic and may appeal to instrumentalists as well as to singers. The music has been recorded by Gothic Voices as The Spirits of England and France, Volume II (Hyperion, CDA66773). xxiii + 28 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-040-3.

Sample page(s)

  1. Amors m'art con fuoc am flama (dansa, anonymous)
  2. Assenés chi, Grievilier (jeu parti, Adam de la Hale)
  3. Au novel tens pascor (chanson de toile, Audefroi)
  4. Cil qui d'amours me conseille (grand chant, Gace Brulé)
  5. Contre tens que voi frimer (grand chant, Gace Brulé)
  6. D'Amours, qui m'a tolu a moi (grand chant, Chrestien de Troyes)
  7. De bien amer grant joie atent (grand chant, Gace Brulé)
  8. Desconfortez, plains de dolor (grand chant, Gace Brulé)
  9. Dolerousement comence (grand chant, Gontier de Soignies)
  10. Donna, pos vos ay chausida (dansa, anonymous)
  11. Fins cuers enamourés (grand chant, Wibers Kaukesel)
  12. Je chevauchai (pastourelle, Richart de Semilli)
  13. La doce pensée (descort, Gautier de Dargies)
  14. Lan ke li dous chans (grand chant, Gontier de Soignies)
  15. Les oiseillons de mon pais (grand chant, Gace Brulé)
  16. Por conforter mon corage (pastourelle, Ernous li viele)
  17. Quant define fueille et flor (grand chant, Gace Brulé)
  18. Quant voi la fleur nouvele (pastourelle, anonymous)
  19. Un chant novel (balade, Wibers Kaukesel)
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