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Title: Songes for Fower Voyces AE39 cover
Composer: Thomas Whythorne
Editor: Robert McQuillan
Reference: AE39
Price (GBP): 11.50
Description: Published in 1571 and containing works in a variety of styles, Thomas Whythorne’s collection Songes for three, fower and five voyces is of great importance in the history of English music. The forty-two four-part songs are published in this volume, the three-part songs are published as AE31, and the five-part songs as AE38. Some songs are rather severely contrapuntal and imitative; others are more homophonic and lyrical. For four solo singers or small choir: mainly SATB. xxiv + 116 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-043-4.

Sample page(s)

  1. For to reclaim to friend
  2. The gifts of nature well disposed
  3. Though choler clipped the heart about
  4. Now that the truth is tried
  5. Where praises great be given
  6. To overcome by patience
  7. Take heed of words thou mayst not vouch
  8. Like as the smoke outwardly seen
  9. To reprehend or mock
  10. It is a world some sots to see
  11. I cannot deem them happy sure
  12. All ye that serve the blind god Love
  13. It does me good when Zephrus rains
  14. Prefer not great beauty before virtue
  15. It hath been proved both even and morrow
  16. I have ere this time heard many one say
  17. Though crooked cares do chance
  18. When that well tippled are with boozed bum
  19. Who that will weigh of ages all
  20. When fortune seemed so much my friend
  21. If I had not foreseen the changes newly happed
  22. Of nature's gift wit is the chief
  23. Whoso that list his chance to try
  24. Though fortune frown on me alway
  25. Ponder the proof
  26. The doubtful state that I possess
  27. Is there no choice for me
  28. The divers chance that God doth send
  29. The great offence of my most sinful ghost
  30. O good Lord have mercy on me
  31. I will yield thanks to Thee
  32. My soul and all that in me is
  33. Since I embrace the heavenly grace
  34. When I remember of this world
  35. O Lord above send us Thy grace
  36. Almighty God Thy loving care
  37. O our Father we yield to Thee
  38. O come let us sing unto the Lord
  39. O be joyful in the Lord all ye lands
  40. Unto Thee lift up mine eyes
  41. Behold now praise the Lord
  42. Out of the deep
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