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Title: Songes for Three Voyces AE31 cover
Composer: Thomas Whythorne
Editor: Robert McQuillan
Reference: AE31
Price (GBP): 4.75
Description: Published in 1571 and containing works in a variety of styles, Thomas Whythorne’s collection Songes for three, fower and five voyces is of great importance in the history of English music. The fourteen three-part songs are published in this volume, and the four- and five-part songs are published as AE39 and AE38 respectively. For three solo singers or small choir. xiv + 17 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-035-9.

Sample page(s)

  1. If ev'ry one that go'th about
  2. As many heads have many wits
  3. When fliering fortune favoureth
  4. When Cupid had compelled me
  5. Such as in love would have long joy
  6. The restless race the young man runs
  7. Though friends be frail in ev'ry place
  8. In friends of each estate
  9. Who that for truth decrees
  10. Thou shalt soon see in each estate
  11. The happy life as I do take
  12. He that contemneth injuries
  13. Beware how sorrows thee oppress
  14. Whatever hath been in time past
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