Antico Edition 14th-century music
Music from the 14th Century
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Title Composer Reference Price (GBP)
Three madrigals Jacopo da Bologna AE5 4.00
Three French songs from the late fourteenth century Anonymous AE7 3.50
Three madrigals Bartolino da Padova AE9 3.75
Three madrigals  for keyboard Bartolino da Padova AE10 3.50
Two fourteenth-century motets in praise of Music Anonymous AE15 3.75
Three motets in honour of Gaston Febus Anonymous AE23 4.50
Eleven Ballate Niccolò da Perugia AE26 4.00
Five Ballades for the House of Foix Anonymous AE27 4.75
Five madrigals and a caccia Niccolò da Perugia AE28 4.50
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