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Title: Three 14th-century motets in honour of Gaston Febus AE23 cover
Composer: Anonymous
Editor: Peter Lefferts
Reference: AE23
Price (GBP): 4.50
Description: Gaston III (1331–91), Count of Foix and Béarn, known as Febus (Phoebus), was one of the greatest connoisseurs of his age, and an especially important patron of music. These three motets from the Ivrea and Chantilly manuscripts—Altissonis aptatis, Febus mundo oriens and Inter densas—laud his generosity, discrimination, martial prowess, and the sagacity with which he steered his little realm through the turbulence of the period. In three or four parts and probably intended for solo singers. See also AE27. vi + 19 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-027-4.
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