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Title: Five ballades for the house of Foix AE27 cover
Composer: Magister Franciscus, Jean Cuvelier, Trebor, Anonymous
Editor: Peter Lefferts
Reference: AE27
Price (GBP): 4.75
Description: Four of these fourteenth-century ballades—Phiton Phiton, Le mont Aon, Se Galaas and Se July Cesar—honour Gaston Febus, the hero of the motets in AE23. The fifth—Se Alixandre—praises Gaston’s nephew and successor Mathieu de Foix. Se Galaas and Se July Cesar exploit the complex ‘mannered style’ fashionable in the second half of the century. Probably intended for entirely vocal performance, these works also sound well on instruments. ix + 22 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-031-1.

Sample page(s)

  1. Phiton Phiton (Magister Franciscus)
  2. Le mont Aon (Anonymous)
  3. Se Galaas (Cuvelier)
  4. Se July Cesar (Trebor)
  5. Se Alixandre (Trebor)
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