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Peterhouse Henrician partbooks
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An important set of partbooks now belonging to Peterhouse, Cambridge (Peterhouse MSS 471–474) was probably copied in about 1540, mainly from the repertory of Magdalen College, Oxford, for use at Canterbury Cathedral. The books contain over seventy Latin sacred compositions in five voices, chiefly by English composers of Taverner’s generation; some fifty of these works are not otherwise known. Unfortunately the tenor book and some leaves from the treble book are lost, rendering the unique compositions incomplete. Antico Edition has published in forty volumes (RCM101–140) all the compositions unique to the Peterhouse collection, in editions by Nick Sandon in which the missing voices have been recomposed. An important repertory of high-quality music by composers such as Taverner, Fayrfax, Aston, Ludford, Jones and Pygott is thus made available for practical and scholarly use, throwing fresh light on a crucial period of transition in English musical history. The series has already aroused considerable interest both in Europe and in the United States. In 2018 the Blue Heron vocal ensemble of Boston and its director Scott Metcalfe won the early music category of the Gramophone Classical Music Awards for their fifth CD of music from these partbooks in Nick Sandon's editions. Blue Heron were the first non-European vocal ensemble to receive this accolade, and the reviewer for The Gramophone called this music ‘one of the discoveries of the year’. The first five of the group's Peterhouse CDs are now available as a boxed set entitled The Lost Music of Canterbury.

Title Composer Reference Price (GBP)
Four short antiphons John Taverner RCM101 5.25
O rex gloriose
Vidi aquam egredientam
John Mason
RCM102 5.50
Stabat mater dolorosa Robert Hunt RCM103 5.25
Salve regina Richard Pygott RCM104 6.25
O Maria deo grata Robert Fayrfax RCM105 5.50
Salve regina Nicholas Ludford RCM106 5.50
Trium regum
Marie virginis
John Catcott
Richard Bramston
RCM107 6.00
Ave fuit prima salus John Mason RCM108 5.50
Euge dicta sanctis oraculis John Norman RCM109 5.25
Ave Maria dive matris Anne Hugh Aston RCM110 5.00
Ave Maria mater dei
Sub tuam protectionem
Robert Hunt
James Northbroke
RCM111 5.00
Terrenum sitiens regnum
Ave vulnus lateris
Edward Hedley
Walter Erle
RCM112 5.50
Ve nobis miseris John Mason RCM113 5.25
Quales sumus O miseri John Mason RCM114 5.25
Gaude virgo mater Christi
Sancta Maria mater dei
William Alen
William Pashe
RCM115 5.50
Mater Christi sanctissima
Missa Mater Christi
John Taverner RCM116 6.75
Exultet in hac die
Sancte deus
Hugh Sturmy
William Whytbroke
RCM117 5.00
Missa Spes nostra Robert Jones RCM118 7.50
Missa Veni sancte spiritus Richard Pygott RCM119 6.75
O Christe Jesu
Missa Small devotion
John Taverner RCM120 8.00
Magnificat for five voices John Taverner RCM121 5.25
Magnificat for five voices John Darke RCM122 5.00
Missa Sine nomine Christopher Tye RCM123 6.25
Ave dei patris filia John Merbecke RCM124 4.50
Magnificat for five voices Thomas Appelby RCM125 5.00
Missa Sine nomine (Confessor domini?) Anonymous RCM126 6.00
Domine Jesu Christe
Ave cujus conceptio
Nicholas Ludford RCM127 5.50
Magnificat for five voices Robert Jones RCM128 4.50
Magnificat for five voices William Pashe RCM129 5.25
Lauda vivi alpha Robert Fayrfax RCM130 6.00
Ave Maria ancilla trinitatis Nicholas Ludford RCM131 5.00
Missa Inclina cor meum Nicholas Ludford RCM132 7.25
Ave gratia plena Maria Arthur Chamberlayne RCM133 5.25
Salve intemerata
Missa Salve intemerata
Thomas Tallis RCM134 7.25
Missa Regnum mundi Nicholas Ludford RCM135 6.50
Ave rosa sine spinis Thomas Tallis RCM136 5.00
Ave Maria ancilla trinitatis Hugh Aston RCM137 5.25
O baptista vates Christi Hugh Aston RCM138 5.00
Totius mundi domina Edward Martyn RCM139 6.00
Missa Libera nos Thomas Knyght RCM140 6.25
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