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Renaissance Church Music
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Title: Missa Inclina cor meum RCM132 cover
Composer: Nicholas Ludford
Editor: Nick Sandon
Reference: RCM132
Price (GBP): 7.25
Description: Nicholas Ludford’s Mass Inclina cor meum is written on the same cantus firmus, the plainchant responsory Inclina cor meum deus in testimonia tua, as his Marian antiphons Salve regina (RCM106) and Ave Maria ancilla trinitatis (RCM131). Presumably the words and/or melody of the responsory had especial significance either for Ludford himself or for the institution which employed him. All three works show Ludford's characteristic melodic cogency and advanced harmonic sense. Now in a second edition. For five voices: SATBarB. vii + 44 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-112-7.

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