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Renaissance Church Music
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Title: Ave Maria mater dei;
Sub tuam protectionem
RCM111 cover
Composer: Robert Hunt; James Northbroke
Editor: Nick Sandon
Reference: RCM111
Price (GBP): 5.00
Description: Robert Hunt may have been a chorister at Magdalen College, Oxford in the late fifteenth century, but nothing else about him is known. James Northbroke was a secondary at Exeter Cathedral in the second decade of the sixteenth century and clerk of the Lady Chapel there between 1526 and 1531, when he took the Oxford B.Mus. This volume contains a short votive antiphon by each composer. Ave Maria mater dei is a freely-composed setting of a text which was also set by William Cornysh. Sub tuam protectionem has as its cantus firmus the faburden or bass line which supported the text’s plainchant melody when this was sung in improvised polyphony; a reconstructed faburden performance is also included in the edition. For five voices: SATTB. vi + 14 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-141-7.

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