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Renaissance Church Music
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Title: Quare tristis es and Vox in Rama RCM61 cover
Composer: George Kirbye
Editor: Ian Payne
Reference: RCM61
Price (GBP): 4.50
Description: Better known as one of the more competent English madrigalists, George Kirbye has also left us a number of motets which show the same careful craftsmanship and responsiveness to words. The four-part Quare tristis/Convertere and six-part Vox in Rama both survive with missing voices which have been recomposed for this edition. Vox in Rama skilfully parodies Jacobus Clemens’ famous mid-sixteenth-century setting of the same text. For four and six mixed voices. iii + 16 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-164-6.

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