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Title: Latin Compositions VII: Individual Mass Movements RCM49 cover
Composer: Marbriano de Orto
Editor: Nigel Davison
Reference: RCM49
Price (GBP): 6.50
Description: The seventh volume in our complete edition of Marbriano’s music contains three individual movements, all apparently dating from fairly late in the composer’s career. The four-voice Kyrie in honore beatissimae virginis (ATBarB) is founded upon a series of two-in-one canons between various voices at various intervals and distances, and quotes from the plainchant Kyrie IX. The four-voice Credo Le serviteur (AT/BarT/BarB) has a double cantus firmus, ingeniously combining the tenor part of Dufay’s chanson Le serviteur hault guerdonné with the Credo I plainchant. The five-voice Credo Sine nomine (SAATBar/B) is based on the Credo IV plainchant and is quite strongly imitative. x + 29 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-138-7.

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