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Renaissance Church Music
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Title: The Ritson Manuscript: liturgical compositions; votive antiphons; Te deum RCM23 cover
Composer: Various
Editor: Nick Sandon and Eleanor Lane with Christine Bayliss
Reference: RCM23
Price (GBP): 17.25
Description: The Ritson manuscript is the most important extant source of English music between the Old Hall manuscript and the Eton choirbook. Compiled in Devon over a period of about fifty years, it contains carols, secular songs and more than thirty sacred compositions including Masses, votive antiphons, ritual settings and an English version of the Te deum. The complete sacred works are published in this volume, many for the first time. Most are in three voices: SAT or ATBar, but two are in five: SATBarB. xxxii + 144 pages. Hardbound. ISMN 979-0-57039-078-6.

Sample page(s)

  1. Miserere michi domine I (Anonymous)
  2. Benedicamus domino I (Anonymous)
  3. Stella celi extirpavit I (Anonymous)
  4. Salve regina I (Plainchant)
  5. Textless fragment (Anonymous)
  6. Nesciens mater I (Trouluffe)
  7. Alleluya Per te dei genitrix (Anonymous)
  8. Beata dei genitrix (Mower)
  9. Nesciens mater II (Trouluffe)
  10. Nesciens mater III (Trouluffe and Smert)
  11. Ave regina celorum (Anonymous)
  12. Regina celi letare (Mower)
  13. O lux beata trinitas (Anonymous)
  14. Lumen ad revelacionem (Packe)
  15. Stella celi extirpavit II (Hawte)
  16. Missa Rex summe (Packe)
  17. Missa Gaudete in domino (Packe)
  18. Te deum laudamus (Packe)
  19. Salve festa dies I (Anonymous)
  20. Gaude virgo mater Christi (Anonymous)
  21. Kyrie and Gloria (Sturges)
  22. Gaude sancte Magdalena (Packe)
  23. Missa Sine nomine (Petyr)
  24. Dicant nunc Judei I (Cornysh)
  25. Benedicamus domino II (Anonymous)
  26. Salve festa dies II (Anonymous)
  27. Sancta Maria virgo (Anonymous)
  28. Nesciens mater IV (Anonymous)
  29. Salve regina II (Dunstaple or Power/Anonymous)
  30. Anima mea liquefacta est (Anonymous)
  31. Nunc Jhesu te petimus (Anonymous)
  32. Dicant nunc Judei II (Anonymous)
  33. Miserere michi domine II (Norman)
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