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Title: The Fountains Fragments: Polyphony for Mass c.1400 from a Fountains Abbey memorandum book: Second Edition MCM2 cover
Composer: Various
Editor: Edward Kershaw and Nick Sandon
Reference: MCM2
Price (GBP): 7.00
Description: A fragmentary manuscript from Fountains Abbey contains polyphonic Mass movements and motets dating from the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries. This important source includes seventeen compositions (one of them in two versions) in a wide range of styles, from simple descant-style plainchant harmonisations to elaborate isorhythmic structures. Now reprinted with revised musical editions and expanded introduction and commentary, at the original price. For three or four soloists or small vocal ensemble. xvi + 61 pages. ISMN 979 0 57039 051 9.

Sample page(s)

  1. Gloria (1)
  2. Gloria (2)
  3. Gloria (3)
  4. Gloria (4) (incomplete)
  5. Sanctus (1)
  6. Gloria (5) (incomplete)
  7. Sanctus (2)
  8. Sanctus (3)
  9. Sanctus (4)
  10. Agnus dei (1)
  11. Agnus dei (2)
  12. Agnus dei (3)
  13. Agnus dei (4)
  14. Agnus dei (5)
  15. Credo
  16. Gloria (4) (second version, complete)
  17. Humane lingue / Supplicum voces / Contratenor / Tenor
  18. Alme pater / Tenor (incomplete)
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