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Title: Three antiphons for men's voices RCM64 cover
Composer: Walter Lambe
Editor: Nick Sandon
Reference: RCM64
Price (GBP): 6.00
Description: Born in about 1450, Lambe spent much of his career moving back and forth between in two prestigious choirs: those of Arundel College, Sussex and St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. He was one of the major contributors to the Eton choirbook, and these three votive antiphons—Stella celi exstirpavit, Ascendit Christus and Gaude flore virginali—come from that source. Each is in some way unusual: Stella celi appears to be in an unwontedly pure form of the Lydian mode (an F tonality with B natural rather than B flat); Ascendit Christus is based on its own plainchant melody (generally rare in the later 15th century but one of Lambe’s favourite techniques); and Gaude flore virginali is something of a demonstration of how to notate various musical proportions (fitting notes of rhythmic value x into the space that notes of rhythmic value y would usually occupy) with the aid of coloured inks and special time signatures. A colour reproduction of the original notation of Gaude flore is included in the edition by kind permission of the Master and Fellows of Eton College. One of Antico’s transposed editions of Eton choirbook music written at an unusually high or low pitch. For four voices: TBarBarB/TTBarB/TTBarB. xii + 30 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-172-1.

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