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Title: William Damon: Latin motets, English anthems, instrumental music RCM57 cover
Composer: William Damon
Editor: Peter J. D. Scott
Reference: RCM57
Price (GBP): 11.50
Description: Probably from Lucca in Tuscany, Damon came to England in the mid-1560s and remained there until his death in 1591. In 1577 he was appointed a chamber musician to Queen Elizabeth, becoming a member of the court recorder ensemble. This collection of all his surviving music except the settings of metrical psalm tunes includes Latin motets (Confitebor tibi, Miserere nostri, Spem in alium, Omnis caro and Praedicabo laudes), English anthems (O Heavenly God and O Mightie God) and three instrumental pieces for recorders and viols. Several of the works survive without one of their voices and have been editorially completed for this publication. The edition includes a full score and separate parts of the instrumental pieces. For five and six voices and for three and six instruments. xvi + 60 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-156-1.

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