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Renaissance Church Music
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Title: Latin Compositions V: Missa L'homme armé RCM47 cover
Composer: Marbriano de Orto
Editor: Nigel Davison
Reference: RCM47
Price (GBP): 7.50
Description: The fifth volume in our complete edition of Marbriano’s music contains his Mass L’homme armé, based on a monophonic chanson used as a cantus firmus in Masses by numerous composers from Dufay to Carissimi; the style of the setting suggests a date in the later 1480s. Orto frequently combines the popular melody in one mensuration with the other voices in another, showing an ingenuity which is more obvious to the eye than to the ear, and not always easy to express in modern notation. For four voices: SA/TT/BarB. x + 42 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-130-1.

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