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Title: Robin and Marion motets, volume III AE29 cover
Composer: Anonymous
Editor: Wyndham Thomas
Reference: AE29
Price (GBP): 5.25
Description: The adventures of the rustic lovers Robin and Marion form the topic of many medieval motets, all of which are published by Antico Edition (see also AE22 and AE25). This final volume (unless more works are discovered!) includes twenty-two two-part motets, one in three parts, one in four, and a two-part virelai on the same subject, mostly from the thirteenth century. For solo singers; also performable instrumentally. xiv + 26 pages. ISMN 979-0-57039-033-5.

Sample page(s)

  1. A vos douce debonaire / Omnes
  2. Quant froidure / Domino quoniam
  3. Sans orgueil / Johanne
  4. Ne m'oubliez / Domino
  5. Pensis chief enclin / Flos filius eus
  6. Quant voi la fleur / Et tenuerunt
  7. Hyer main trespensis d'amor / Domino
  8. Por cueillir la flor / Docebit
  9. Entre Robin et Marion / Et illuminare
  10. Hyer main trespensis erroie / Ex semine
  11. Hyer matin a l'enjornée / Domino
  12. Por noient / Johanne
  13. Tout leis enmi / Dominus
  14. Au douz Mai / Vitam
  15. A la rousée / Ab insurgentibus
  16. Robins a la vile / Stirps Yesse
  17. Aveques tel Marion / Manere
  18. L'autrier en Mai / Tamquam
  19. Lonc le rieu de la fontaine / Regnat
  20. Chantez seri, Marot / Precedam vos
  21. Tous seus chevauchai / Ne
  22. Sancta mater gracie / Dou way Robin
  23. Par matin s'est levée / Tres douce pensée / Florebit
  24. Trois sereus / Trois sereus / Trois sereus / Perlustravit
  25. Prenés l'abre / Hé, resvelle toi, Robin (virelai)
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